Amplification was all over the runways. Sixties inspired falsies ( think Twiggy’s doe eyed gaze) abounded at Prada and Gucci, and lower eyelashes were especially exaggerated. Everywhere else, even when the make up was soft and naturally glowing (Rochas, Versace), lashes were ultra long, abundant and luxuriant.

What does that mean for the woman on the street? For on-trend twenty somethings, it means Eyelash extensions to create the volume, then clumping your mascara when applying to recreate the sixties throwback images a la David Bailey.

For the rest of us, it means volumising what we’ve got – the difference a set of Russian 3D lashes can make to the everyday make up palette is enormous. At Opulash, we will be combining EyelashLift techniques with Mink high volume effect natural lashes for a “born this way” glamour.