The Ultimate in Lash Training

Eyelash Extensions have proved to be an exceptional success story over the last five years for salons who have invested in training and quality products

And it continues to evolve at a rapid pace. With hundreds of eyelash treatment options available today, salons need to maintain knowledge and skills to offer the best possible option for each and every client.

Opulash’s training is the original and the best, with ten years’ track record of salon training, and it is available here in Ireland, at our premises or at yours. We focus exclusively on eyelash extensions and provide accredited training in all techniques. We partner with respected industry leaders AH Francis to deliver our courses.

Please telephone us on +353 85 279 2101  for further information or use the contact form here.

Opulash Russian Volume Lashes Training

russian-volume-lashes-trainingLearn the Russian volume 3d -6d multi lash technique to create a full glamorous look

1 day  €345

Opulash Foundation Eyelash Extension Training

foundation-eyelash-extension-trainingLearn how to apply semi permanent eyelash extensions , one to one bonding to create length and volume

1 day  €345

Opulash Eyelash Lift Training

eyelash-lift-trainingLearn how to lift and tint the lashes to create definition and the appearance of longer thicker lashes

1 day  €250

Opulash Eyelash and Eyebrow Perfect Training

eyelash-eyebrow-perfect-trainingLearn the art of eyebrow transformation in addition to eyelash tinting 

1 day  €300