Susan Sarandon is the face of L"Oreal Age Perfect - and she loves lash extensions!

Susan Sarandon is the face of L”Oreal Age Perfect – and she loves lash extensions!

(Because she’s worth it!)

We were thrilled to hear that Susan Sarandon, actress, activist, mother, grandmother and cinematic icon had become the face of L’Oreal and spokesmodel for its Age Perfect hair and beauty range, at the age of 69.

“The very first time I heard ‘Because I’m Worth It’ (the brand’s motto), it definitely was a shift in the framing of why you should look good” she had to say back in January “It had to do with women becoming the master of their own lives and decisions. It’s an extremely powerful statement that has transcended time. Beauty comes from the inside; it’s a state of mind”.

Sarandon is know for her natural no-nonsense approach to beauty and #nofilter photography but in the current issue of More magazine, she tells how she happened upon the power and convenience of eyelash extensions last year – and has since become a devotee.

Be like Susan – what treatments would work

For women of Ms Sarandon’s age – we would you recommend our Classic Lite Volume (60 mins €80) for a defined natural look or for those with sparser lashes, or feel they would like a slightly fuller look we would suggest our Russian Lite Volume (105mins €120). It uses a revolutionary technique in which several ultra lightweight lashes are applied to each individual lash creating a softer fuller beautiful natural look which instantly amplifies the eyes.

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