more than just great skincare

AlumierMD is more than just great skincare

AlumierMD was created by a team of experienced PhD biochemists, physicians and skin care specialists.

AlumierMD develop scientific formulations using innovative medical grade  ingredients at optimal levels within advanced delivery systems – meaning their products are delivered right  to the target area in the skin to get results.

Commitment to Clean Chemistry

Alumier is an award winning medical grade skin care line that have an unwavering commitment to  clean chemistry .Their products are  formulated  free from parabens ,sulphates, dyes, artificial frequence and many more- actually 1500 ingredients that have been purposely excluded by Alumier chemists and formulates to ensure the cleanest corrective skincare.

Corrective Percentages of Medical-Grade Ingredients

AlumierMD use the highest grade of active ingredients at the corrective percentages proven by clinical studies that allow us to target and effectively treat specific skin concerns.

Advanced Delivery System

AlumierMD advanced delivery system ensures active and bio identical ingredients are kept fresh  until they are fully absorbed and gradually released in target areas.

Science meets Beauty

AlumierMD Elegant formulations mean that the products are not only corrective but they are beautiful to use

Hyper- customised Peels

AlumierMD also provide a comprehensive chemical peeling portfolio which we can hyper-customise protocols to suit your skin type and concerns