Environ DF Mobile Skincare Device



This handheld device uses sophisticated technologies to help penetrate active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin to target specific concerns and improve overall skin health



This device helps to enhance the absorption of dedicated Environ products, and improve the overall skin health, texture and radiance.

To strengthen and normalise your skin use with Concentrated Retinol Serums

To hydrate and plump your skin use with HA Intensive Serum

To calm, sooth and support skin use with Vita- Enriched Colostrum

1.Ensure all jewellery if removed before using this device
2.Pre- cleanse, cleanse and tone skin with dedicated Environ products
3.Dampen conductive cloth and wrap around the back of device, covering slim metal panels, and hold
4.Apply selected product to the area of concern ( ensure skin is covered )– reapply if necessary
5.Hold device (covered with damp cloth) , press ON/OFF button for 1 second. The device will switch to programme 1and indicator light shines blue.
6.Place the flat part of the Treatment Head on the skin where the product has been applied and wait for ‘beep’to indicate start of treatment. Hold static position for 15 seconds until next ‘bleep’. Move to next position
7.Repeat until the focus area has been treated
8.On completion , massage any excess serum into skin and follow with your recommended moisturiser and / or SPF
9.Clean – follow instruction on leaflet enclosed

Headaches, herpes simplex(cold sores), open cuts and abrasions, pregnancy and lactation, epilepsy, excessive sunburn, pacemakers and electronic implants, angina ( chest pains) arrhythmia( irregular heartbeat) haemophilia, stroke patients, cancer /post cancer and radiotherapy as well as injectables